Feel the Night

by Maxi Fík

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oh baby, all i need is to take you to space with me is it too much to ask in my mind we're already there behind my eyes we are the galaxy i breath timelessness let us float, let us float let us black out i wanna go to the place where my souls a sphere and the spheres are my sole confidants where i transcend my mortal flesh is it too much to ask let us float, let us float let us black out
Girl 05:13
your melting me my breasts to my knees and i'm so proud of you girl we spent the whole summer looking at each other it took a damn late night to have us loving one another i wanna roll with you through the streets to the sea stars in my eyes and all i see is you in my fantasy
i remember we were driving the wind was blowing i didn't know the road would end around the corner seize the blossoms as they're falling it shouldn't be so easy to get lost in the fog close my eyes in the crowd and feel the night r.i.p r.t.
oh i lay alone desert all around me baby i roam holding my own heart oh baby tonight three suns, three shadows three roads i'm forced to follow oh i pray amidst of fight surround me in white light i roam holding my own heart i thought the burn was your light in my eyes but now i am sure it was your shadow hung in my mind i roam holding my own heart i stroll through an iris of snow around me a crater unfolds up my thigh it creeps as i wade into the unknown i roam holding my own heart
Two Moon Sky 04:08
all of a sudden i know everything's gonna be ok but the cloud from the last few years still hangs when i look in your eyes i know its all gonna be ok i'm sorry the cloud from the last few years still hangs "Behind every man stands thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio that the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time roughly a hundred billion human beings have walked the planet earth." two moon sky we sit in the silence and i know you can read my mind i just ask you gently will you swim "It is not true that one must leave Earth to enjoy the full splendor of the heavens. Not even in space is the starry sky more glorious then when viewed from a high mountain, on a perfectly clear night, far from any source of artificial illumination." two moon sky *excerpts by Arthur C. Clark, from 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2061: Odyssey Three respectively
i may be far gone but in dreams i hold on haven't felt you in so long and in the night the black birds fly and when i wake i'm never the same i'll hold you in dark skies as we wade into the water late at night and when i wake i'm never the same


released December 21, 2016

Written, recorded, and produced by Bára Hladíková
Mastered by Tom Whalen

Cover art by Nicola Coulter


all rights reserved



Maxi Fík Vancouver, British Columbia

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